1 - Common Forms
          Application for Employment

          Employee Benefits


          Personnel Policy

          Public Records Request Form

          Salary Schedule

          Sheriff's Step & Grade salaries

2 - General County Info
          Ordinance 2021-0428

Assessor - Property Values
          Agricultural Eligibility - 5 Acres and Under

          Agricultural Eligibility - Over 5 Acres

          Agricultural Lease Form

          BOE IC63 Questionnaire

          Homeowner Exemption Form

          Property Tax Exemption by a Non-Profit 1st Time

          Property Tax Exemption Renewal Application

          Property Tax Reduction Form(Circuit Breaker)

          Property Valuation Appeal Form

          State of ID Application to Appeal BOE

Board of County Commissioners
          Board & Committee Appointment Application

Building Department
          Grading and Erosion Control Permit

          1st Steps: Building Application Checklist

          Residential Design Standards Requirements

          Residential Building Permit Application 12/9/2022

          Mechanical Installation Permit Application 3.29.21

          Agricultural Exempt Permit Application 3.29.2021

          Commercial Building Permit Application 4.2021

          Commercial Submittal Requirements 4.2021

          Building Permit Extension Application

          Letter of Authorization

          Development Impact Fee Fact Sheet

          Complaint Form

Clerk, Auditor, Recorder
          Alcoholic Beverage Application

          Catering Permit Application

          Certificate of Residency

          FY2021 Budget

          FY2022 Approved Budget

          Marriage License Application

          Property Tax and Tax Levies

Court & Traffic Fines
          Juror Questionnaire

          Magistrate Performance Questionnaire

          Absentee Ballot Request Form

          May 16, 2023 Election Abstract (unofficial)

          Overview of County Government

          Party Affiliation Form

          Precinct 1 City of Tetonia & Sch Zone 5

          Precinct 1 County Sch Zone 5

          Precinct 3 Sch Zone 2

          Precinct 3 Sch Zone 5

          Precinct 4 City of Driggs

          Precinct 4 City of Driggs & Sch Zone 2

          Precinct 5 Sch Zone 2

          Precinct 6 City of Victor

          Precinct 7 Sch Zone 2

          Public Records Request Form

          Voter Registration Form

Emergency Management - Civil Defense
          Teton All-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016 Update

Engineer - Public Works
          Road Application for Vacation or Assertion

          Grading & Erosion Control New LDC effective 8/3/22

Extension / 4-H
          Growing Your Idaho Market Garden

          Master Gardener Program

Fair Board
          Rental Agreement Fair Grounds

          Rental Rates Fair Grounds

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) - Mapping
          GIS Data Waiver

Planning & Zoning Department
          Appeals & Reconsideration New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Boundary Line Adjustment New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Comp Plan/LDC Amendment New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Complaint - Incident Report Form

          Development Agreement

          Development Agreement Extension Application

          Floodplain Development Permit Application

          Floodplain Variance Application

          Home Occupation Application

          Impact Area Final Plat

          Irrevocable Letter Of Credit

          Letter of Authorization with Affidavit

          Major Modific. of a Plat New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Minor Modific. of a Plat New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Pre-app Conf Request New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Public Records Request

          Public Records Request Guide

          Recording Time Extension Application

          Road & Subdivision Naming Requirements

          Road Name Change Request

          Scenic Corridor Application

          Septic Capacity Form

          Special Use Permit New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Subdivision / PUD Amendment Application

          Subdivision / PUD Completion Certificate

          Subdivision / PUD Concept Application

          Subdivision / PUD Extension Application

          Subdivision / PUD Final Application

          Subdivision / PUD Name Request Form

          Subdivision / PUD Preliminary Application

          Subdivision/PUD Vacation Application

          Temporary Use Permit New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Variance Application

          Variance Permit New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Zone Change Application

          Ag Land Division App New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Concept Plan Application New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Final Plat Application New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Limited Use Application New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Pre-app Conference New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Prelim Plat Application New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Short Plat Application New LDC effective 8/3/22

          Sign Permit Application New LDC effective 8/3/22

Prosecuting Attorney

Road & Bridge
          Permit to Apply Dust Abatement on County Roads

          Permit to Plow a County Road

          Utilities Permit

          Work in County Right of Way

Solid Waste & Recycling
          AFB Solid Waste Sorting Building

          Asbestos Renovation/Demolition Notification Form

          Community Cleanup Tipping Fee Waiver Application

          NonProfit Recycling Tipping Fee Waiver Application

          Salvage Policy & Permit Application

          Solid Waste Commercial Account Application

          TCSW - Informational Flyer - Year Round Schedule

Teton County Joint Housing Authority
          Housing Needs Assessment

Treasurer - Tax Collector
          Application to Adjust Interest & Penalty

          Application to Cancel Property Taxes

          Adjustment of Solid Waste Fee Refund



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