Contact Information

(East of Driggs)
1088 Cemetery Road
Driggs, ID 83422

150 Courthouse Drive
Driggs, ID 83422

208-776-8255 (phone)
208-776-8190 (fax)

Commercial & Public Hours:
Tuesday Through Friday
8:00am to 3:00pm
8:00am to 1:00pm


As determined by State Statute and Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners
Idaho Code 9-338(10)(a) prohibits charging a copy fee for the first 100 pages of a public record.
There are exceptions for Election Specific Record per ICĀ§34-437.

Effective Date: October 1, 2010
As adopted by Resolution 091310a

Fee Amount Notes
Commercial Credit Application $20.00 One-time set-up fee for monthly invoicing
Credit Card Convenience Fee $1.00 + 3% per transaction
SALVAGING FEE $10.00 a week, $18.00 a month, or yearly. $146.00 a ton for Metal A permit will be signed once a year, signature will be captured and on file. Permit and Salvaging Fees are separate. Salvaging fee is only added to Metal loads.
Solid Waste Fee collected with Property Taxes $120 $120 per residential, commercial, government, non-profit structure
TIPPING FEE - Dead Animal Waste In County= $.0075/LB($15.00/TON) - Out of County=$.025/LB($50 per ton) Must Be Seperated From Other Waste
TIPPING FEE - Household Waste, 120 lbs or more In County = $.04/LB ($80 per ton); Out of County = .060/LB ($134/TON)
TIPPING FEE - Household Waste, up to 120 lbs or less $5.00 minimum A bag equals 30 gallons or less
TIPPING FEE - Large Household Appliances w/Refrigerant In County = $15.00 each Out of County = $35.00 Each Refrigerators, Freezers & A/C Units
TIPPING FEE - Non-Household Waste - Unsorted waste In County = $.105/LB ($210.00/TON) Out of County = $.175/LB($350/TON) Insulation, Glass ( windows etc ) Tar Paper, Shingles, PVC Pipe, Vinyl Siding.
TIPPING FEE - Small Household Electronic Appliances $.0075/LB ($15 per ton) Min. $2 Fee TVs, Computers, Toasters, etc.
TIPPING FEE - Sorted Waste $.0075/LB ($15/TON) Minimum $2 Fee
TIPPING FEE - Tires - Car & Light Truck In County = $5.00 each; Out of County = $6 each Rim Size 19.5 or smaller
TIPPING FEE - Tires - Truck In County = $10.00 each; Out of County = $14 each Rim Size Greater than 19.5
TIPPING FEE - Tires -- By Weight In County $125/ton resident Out of County $166.00/ton All Tires


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