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Law Enforcement Center
230 N. Main Street
Driggs, ID 83422

230 N. Main St.
Driggs, Id 83422

208-776-8187 (phone)

Monday - Friday: 9 - 5


What does a coroner do?
It is the Coroner's job to determine cause and manner of death by state law.
Does the Coroner conduct the autopsy?
No, the Coroner attends and assists the Pathologist during the procedure.
Does the Coroner investigate all deaths?
No, only suspicious, unusual, violent (accident, suicide, homicide), unattended, or not under treatment by a physician, and/or suddenly and without warning.
Does the Coroner give the public a death certificate?
No, the Idaho Bureau of Vital Statistics is the only agency that can issue a certified copy of the death certificate.
Does the Coroner always know the exact cause of death?
No. The Coroner uses his best professional medical judgement based on the deceased person's history and medical history, as well as what is found at the scene of the death.
What qualifications are required for the job of County Coroner?
In Idaho, the only qualifications are to be a resident of the county for one year and be elected.  A law enforcement background and a medical background are both essential to the job.

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