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Law Enforcement Center
230 N Main Street
Driggs, ID   83422

230 N Main Street
Driggs, ID   83422

208-354-2990 (phone)
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Monday - Friday: 9 - 5


I was given a citation for not having current proof of insurance in my car. Where should I bring my current insurance card?
If the citation was written by the Teton County Sheriff’s Office or Idaho State Police, bring the citation and a copy of your current insurance covering the dates in which you received the citation, matching the year, make and model of the vehicle on the citation, to our office. We will then review the information provided and dismiss the citation if you were insured to drive the vehicle on the day you received the citation.
Can I report a crime to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office?
Our office does not investigate criminal activities.  In most cases, a crime must be reported to the law enforcement agency which has jurisdiction over the city or county where the crime occurred.  Once the matter is investigated, our office will review the police reports, witness statements, and other information before determining whether to file a criminal complaint.
I am the victim of a crime and I want to drop the charges.
Crimes are charged by the Teton County Prosecutor’s Office on behalf of the People of the State of Idaho, and not on behalf of any particular victim. The decision to file charges in any criminal prosecution can only be made by an attorney in our office. A victim’s wishes will be taken into account, but the final determination of whether or not charges will be filed or dismissed rests with the prosecuting attorney.
I am a Defendant and I don’t like the defense attorney who is representing me. Can I talk to you or one of your deputies about my case?
No. All attorneys are governed by a code of ethics which prevents them from speaking directly to anyone represented by another attorney.  Any questions that you have about your case should be answered by your attorney.
I want a divorce. [Or, I want to sue someone. Or, I want to adopt a child.] Can the Prosecutor’s Office help me?
Our office does not provide free legal services to the general public.  A private attorney may be able to help you. If you do not have a lawyer, you can contact the Idaho State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at (208) 334-4500.  You can also file paperwork yourself.
I am being harassed and I want a restraining order.  Can I get that from you?
Our office does not issue restraining orders and we can only request the Court to enter an order prohibiting contact between two people after a criminal case has been filed.   No contact orders are frequently issued in domestic violence cases, and there are certain situations in criminal cases where we can ask the Court to issue a no contact order preventing a Defendant from having contact with a victim or witness.  Victims of domestic abuse may apply to the Court for a civil protection order without criminal charges being filed.  If you are the victim of domestic abuse, please contact the applicable law enforcement agency or our office and we will assist you in any way we can. 

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