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Teton County Courthouse
150 Courthouse Drive - Room 107
Driggs, ID 83422

150 Courthouse Drive- Room 107
Driggs, ID 83422

208-821-0984 (phone)
208-354-8410 (fax)

Summer Hours: May vary. Usually Mon-Thu 8:00 to 6:00

Department Home

Thank you for your patience as we have welcomed a new Department Head.

Weed Superintendent's Message:

It is my privilege to work with residents and landowners in Teton County in addressing your weed concerns and questions. As I have become oriented to my role and the challenges facing this county, I have been working on ideas and plans to carry the battle forward and, hopefully, make some progress toward reducing the presence and spread of noxious weeds.

I have been contacted by many of you concerned about weeds on your neighbors' properties, and I have discovered other properties with infestations of great concern. Some of these properties have potential for high seed production that can affect many residents. I have made these high-density infestations my priority in hopes of reducing spread so that control efforts in other areas are more effective. New or uncommon invaders like Rush Skeletonweed are also a high priority as we want to prevent these from getting well established.

While landowners are responsible for the control and cost of such control of weeds on their property, resources are available to help with your efforts. Herbicides are available for purchase, or you may rent a backpack sprayer (supplied with 3 gallons of herbicide mix) or ATV sprayer (ATV and herbicide not included). Herbicide purchases are intended to help as many landowners as possible, not supply large operations. HOAs, owners of larger properties (20 acres or larger), or properties with heavy infestations (greater than 40% density) may speak with me to arrange a spray day with the Cooperative Weed Management Area. 

I look forward to building strong working relationships with you as we work together in combatting the weeds in the county. I am happy to discuss treatment options for your properties and help your neighbors address weeds on their properties as well.

Please note that we are often in the field, not the office as we treat weeds throughout the County. Call ahead or email to schedule an appointment to guarantee service.  



Idaho State Statute requires noxious weeds to be controlled. “Noxious” is a legal designation; these species have been determined by the state of Idaho to pose a substantial risk to the environment and agriculture.

Just as landowners must control weeds on their property, Teton County is responsible for controlling weeds on our properties and rights of way. Additionally, we offer consultations, equipment rental, help with plant ID, and herbicide recommendations- learn more on the Services page.

Teton County will be controlling weeds along County roads and rights of way most of the summer season. We spot spray plants and use a blue indicator dye to show what has been sprayed. The herbicide is relatively non-toxic, but should be avoided until it has dried. To ensure we do not spray along your property, control noxious weeds to the edge of the road. As always, please contact us with specific concerns or for more information. 


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