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Teton County Courthouse
150 Courthouse Drive - Room 107
Driggs, ID 83422

150 Courthouse Drive- Room 107
Driggs, ID 83422

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Spring is coming, and so are the weeds! 

Weed Superintendent's Message:

As we begin the 2022 growing season, please bear with us as we implement some adjustments to our program. The work you have done through our previous projects has been helpful and appreciated. However, our current noxious weed situation requires a more concerted approach, and I believe these adjustments will greatly enhance and improve our management of the weeds in Teton County.

The first will be a significant adjustment to our Cost Share Program. After reviewing the goals and realized outcomes of the projects to date, I have determined that these changes are necessary to better accomplish the intent of the Cost Share Program while working toward reducing the spread of our most problematic noxious weeds and decreasing noxious weed populations overall. As a result, I will no longer be providing discounts or rebates for herbicides purchased from the County. Products will still be available for purchase, although some are in limited supply this year and prices have been increasing significantly. Cost Share funds will now be directed toward treating severe infestations. If you know of a particularly heavy infestation of noxious weeds, especially if it is affecting multiple properties, contact the Weeds Department and we can work with you and other affected landowners to get it under control. The goal with this change is to get problem areas under control so that you can better manage the less severe populations.

Additionally, the Weeds Department needs a better understanding of the state of our noxious weed problem in the County. I’ve been able to observe a number of problem areas and I am sure that many remain hidden. One of my goals over the next five years is to see a reduction in Musk Thistle, Spotted Knapweed, and Yellow Toadflax. To effectively monitor and reduce weed populations, we need a baseline to compare with future years. The Department will be mapping weeds throughout the County this year especially on windy days when spraying is not possible. Your assistance in mapping and reporting weeds will help immensely. Visit the “Citizen Science” page or contact the Weeds Department to learn how you can help.



Job Description                                    Application Form

Please submit a completed Application Form to  Devin Wadsworth, Weed Superintendent: dwadsworth@co.teton.id.us

Please note that we are often in the field, not the office as we treat weeds throughout the County. Call ahead or email to schedule an appointment to guarantee service.  



Idaho State Statute requires noxious weeds to be controlled. “Noxious” is a legal designation; these species have been determined by the state of Idaho to pose a substantial risk to the environment and agriculture.

Just as landowners must control weeds on their property, Teton County is responsible for controlling weeds on our properties and rights of way. Additionally, we offer consultations, equipment rental, help with plant ID, and herbicide recommendations- learn more on the Services page.

Teton County will be controlling weeds along County roads and rights of way most of the summer season. We spot spray plants and use a blue indicator dye to show what has been sprayed. The herbicide is relatively non-toxic, but should be avoided until it has dried. To ensure we do not spray along your property, control noxious weeds to the edge of the road. As always, please contact us with specific concerns or for more information. 


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