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Teton Valley Health Care (Hospital)
120 E. Howard Avenue
Driggs, ID   83422

150 Courthouse Drive - Room 109
Driggs, ID   83422

208-354-2383 (phone)

Monday - Friday: 9 - 5


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The County Commissioners also serve as the Board of Directors for the Ambulance Service District (ASD). For the past several years, the ASD has contracted with the Teton Valley Health Care (the hospital) to run the County’s ambulance service. The hospital in turn had an agreement with the Teton County Fire Protection District (Fire District) to staff and operate two out of the three County ambulances. Because of the cost and redundancies in this scenario, the ASD decided to contract directly with the Fire District to operate all three ambulances. The transition of all ambulance service to the Fire District is expected to occur on August 1st and will result in an annual savings of approximately $500,000.

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