Teton County Policies

Administrative Policy
          1_Table of Contents

Financial Policy
          Appropriate Use of County Funds

          Capital Assets

          Cash Receipts

          Claims (Accounts Payable)

          Credit Cards

          Fringe Benefits



          Non-Profit Funding

          Non-profit Funding, Attachment A

          Petty Cash

          Purchasing & Contracts

          Travel Reimbursement

General Administrative Policy
          Appointments of Board & Committee Members

          Building Permit Eligibility of Previously Created Parcels

          Computers, Technology & Information Security

          Drug Free Workplace

          Emergency Closure


          Hiring New Employees

          Password Management

          Public Hearing Procedures

          Records Retention & Destruction


          Salary Plan Administrative Guidelines


          Social Media


          Use of County Resources

          Use of Courthouse Facilities

          Vehicle Use Policy

          Vehicle Use Policy Attachment A Acknowledgement of Receipt

Personnel Policy
          Personnel Policy

Public Works Policy
          PW Inter-Agency Emergency Notification

          PW Private Work on Public Roads

          PW Recycling

          PW Resolving Conflicts of Interest Associated with County Engineer Reviews

          PW Salvaging

          PW Snowplowing



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