Teton County Code & Policies

          Impact Fee Study

          Title 05 Law Enforcement...Amend 2017-0227

          Wildlife Resources for Teton County IDFG

          IGA for Collection of Fire District Impact Fees

          Transportation Plan Update

Administrative Policy
          1_Table of Contents

Comprehensive Plan
          2008 Capital Improvement Plan & Impact Fees

          2023 Impact Fee Study

          Comprehensive Plan 2012 - 2030

          Comprehensive Plan Annual Report 2020

          Comprehensive Plan Appendices

          Comprehensive Plan Framework Map (PLUM)

          Economic Development Plan 2024 update

          Recreation Master Plan

County Code
          Onsite Wastewater System Occupancy Rating

          Preface 2001

          Title 01 Adminstration

          Title 02 Planning and Zoning Commission

          Title 03 Business & Licensing Regulations

          Title 04 Amendment Adopted 10-13-15

          Title 04 Amendment Adopted 3-17-11

          Title 04 Public Health & Safety

          Title 05 Amendment adopted 02-27-17

          Title 05 Law Enforcement, Animal Care & Control

          Title 06 Building Code amd 4/2/2021

          Title 07 Amendment Adopted 12-11-17

          Title 07 Cities' Area of Impact

          Title 08- Repealed (see Land Development Code in effect August 3rd, 2022)

          Title 09- Appendix A

          Title 09- Repealed (see Land Development Code in effect August 3rd, 2022)

          Title 10 Airport Hazard Zoning

          Title 11 Amendment Adopted 11-09-15

          Title 11 Public Ways & Property

          Title 12 Flood Damage Prevention

          Title 13 Addressing

          Title 14 Waterways Recreation

          Title 15 Development Impact Fee (2023)

          Wilcox- Repealed (see Land Development Code in effect August 3rd, 2022)

          Wildlife Habitat Analysis Policy

          Short Plat- Repealed (see Land Development Code in effect August 3rd, 2022)

          Development Impact Fee Ordinance Effective October 20, 2008

          New Land Development Code in Effect August 3rd, 2022

          Onsite Wastewater System Occupancy Rating

Emergency Management
          2016 Teton County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

Financial Policy
          Appropriate Use of County Funds

          Capital Assets

          Cash Receipts

          Claims (Accounts Payable)

          Credit Cards

          Fringe Benefits



          Non-Profit Funding

          Non-profit Funding, Attachment A

          Petty Cash

          Purchasing & Contracts

          Travel Reimbursement

General Administrative Policy
          Appointments of Board & Committee Members

          Building Permit Eligibility of Previously Created Parcels

          Computers, Technology & Information Security

          Drug Free Workplace

          Emergency Closure


          Hiring New Employees

          Password Management

          Public Hearing Procedures

          Records Retention & Destruction


          Salary Plan Administrative Guidelines


          Social Media


          Use of County Resources

          Use of Courthouse Facilities

          Vehicle Use Policy

          Vehicle Use Policy Attachment A Acknowledgement of Receipt

Personnel Policy
          Personnel Policy

          Teton County Draft Economic Plan FY23

Public Works Policy
          PW Inter-Agency Emergency Notification

          PW Private Work on Public Roads

          PW Recycling

          PW Resolving Conflicts of Interest Associated with County Engineer Reviews

          PW Salvaging

          PW Snowplowing

State Statute
          Ethics in Government State Manual

          Open Meeting Law State Manual

          Public Records Law State Manual



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