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150 Courthouse Drive
Driggs, ID   83422

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Title: August 21 Eclipse Information
From: Board of County Commissioners
Contact: Holly Wolgamott
Phone: 208-354-8775

Information on Permitting Campgrounds Click HereDEADLINE is July 21, 2017

Public Safety Awareness Event Covered by Teton Valley News. Read all about it here

How to prepare for Eclipse week and “shelter in place”

The eclipse is on Monday August 21st, so the community should begin to prepare the Monday before. Have preparations in place by no later than Wednesday so local merchants and service stations can resupply and prepare for the eclipse surge.

Ensure you have:

  • groceries for the week,
  • cash on hand,
  • all cars gassed up plus a jerry can or two extra
  • prescription medicines
  • fences in place and in good condition
  • animals secured
  • no parking, no trespassing signs

Take the day off if you can. Pay bills and notify relatives in case cell service is interrupted. If you’re a business owner consider closing for the day to allow your employees to stay home and off the roads

If properly planned and prepared for, this can be a tremendous opportunity for local businesses and residents. Communicate plans and preparations with everyone to eliminate apprehensions and fear.

This is a once in a lifetime special experience that should be observed, enjoyed and remembered and that’s the way we should prepare for it.



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