Contact Information

Teton County Courthouse
150 Courthouse Drive - Room 208
Driggs, ID 83422

150 Courthouse Drive - Room 208
Driggs, ID 83422

208-776-8111 (phone)
208-776-8190 (fax)

Monday - Friday: 9 - 5



Q: How much to record a document?
A: For the following types of documents containing 30 pages or less:

1. Deeds, grants, and conveyances of real property - $15.00

2.Trust Deeds or Mortgages, Fixture Filings, Security Agreements, and assignments of leases and rents - $45.00

3. Reconveyances - $15.00

4. Powers of Attorney - $25.00

Each additional page above 30 is $3.00 per page.

For any document not mentioned above -$10.00 for the first page and each additional page is $3.00 per page.

Q: How much to record a plat or a survey?
A: $5.00 for a survey, $11.00 for a subdivision.

Q: How many mylars do I need?
A: 2 for anything in a subdivision.

Q: Do I have to bring the document in?
A: No you may mail it.

Q: Will I get my document back or a copy?
A: Please include a self addressed stamped envelope and we will return the original document back to you. (Plats and surveys are not returned.)

Q: Are there any edge, header, sizing, spacing requirements?
A: Only that it be on legal or letter size paper.

Q: What are the legal requirements?
A: An attorney can answer that question.

Q; Where can a get a lien, quitclaim, release form?
A: You can try an attorney, the internet or an office supply store. You may want to contact an attorney to confirm the validity of the document for the State of Idaho.

Q: Where do I send the document?
A: Teton County Recorder 150 Courthouse Dr #208 Driggs ID 83422

Q: How do I pay?
A: We accept cash, check or money order.

Q: Who do I write the check out to?
A: Teton County Recorder.

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