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Teton County Courthouse
150 Courthouse Drive - Room 107
Driggs, ID 83422

150 Courthouse Drive- Room 107
Driggs, ID 83422

208-821-0984 (phone)
208-776-8190 (fax)

Summer Office Hours: Mon-Thu 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Citizen Science


Concerned about local weeds?

We want your help!

Teton County Weeds needs more information about the extent of our weed infestations so we can make effective management decisions, plan treatment activities, monitor spread, and determine the effectiveness of treatments. You can help by letting us know where weeds are and how extensive they have become. We can use this information to guide our management efforts. 


Report noxious weeds online:


Or download the EDDMapS mobile app for on-the-go reporting.

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Frequent National Forest Visitor?
Use this website to report invasive species within National Forests.

Or download the mobile app for reporting on-the-go.

What information do we need?

  1. Locations of noxious weeds new or uncommon to Teton County
  2. Location, size, and approximate density of established noxious weeds
  3. Location of treatments associated with noxious weeds


This information will help us establish a baseline to evaluate our weed management, identify and prevent establishment of new invaders, make decisions regarding treatment actions, and monitor effectiveness of treatments. Your contributions will greatly accelerate this process. 

We are also looking for potential biological control release sites for Spotted Knapweed and Yellow Toadflax. Ideal sites that provide the best opportunity for establishment and success are large, continuous patches that will remain relatively undisturbed for several years. Biological control will not eliminate a weed species, but it can help slow the expansion of infestations by reducing seed production and plant growth. If you are aware of any such patches, please notify the County Weed Superintendent. 


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