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Victim Resources

Family Safety Network ("FSN")

FSN is a community based organization of advocates for victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. FSN offers crisis support, emergency shelter, transitional housing, mental health and legal referrals, assistance with protection orders, criminal and civil justice advocacy and can accompany victims to court and a number of other appointments. Services at FSN are confidential, nonjudgmental, and free. If you need a safe place to stay, whether short or longer term, or other assistance with domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, call the FSN 24-hour hotline at (208) 354-SAFE.

Idaho Victim Information & Notification Everyday ("VINE")

VINE, a service provided by the Idaho Sheriff’s Association and the Idaho Supreme Court, is an automated service that lets you track an offender’s custody status, or the status of the offender’s court date, over the internet or phone. You can also register to be notified by email or phone if an offender is released, transferred or escapes. VINE is completely confidential; the offender will not know that you are registered with VINE. For more information, visit or call 1-866-984-6343.

Idaho Crime Victims Compensation ("CVC")

Crime Victim Compensation (“CVC”) is an Idaho state reimbursement program that provides life-long benefits (up to $25,000) to eligible crime victims. The program is funded through a federal grant and fines imposed on perpetrators of crimes. Victims can qualify for this program even if there is no criminal prosecution of the perpetrator of the crime. CVC can reimburse you for items already paid, such as medical bills, counseling costs and lost wages associated with a crime. It can also pay outstanding balances to medical providers on your behalf. There is an application process to determine eligibility for the program. To apply, you will need to complete a Crime Victims Compensation Application and mail the completed form to the address indicated on the form. If you would prefer a paper copy of the form, you can pick one up at our office at 230 N. Main Street in Driggs, Idaho.

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition ("MHC")

MHC is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to reimburse local counselors for providing free mental health counseling sessions for individuals in our community who would otherwise be unable to pay for these services. Residents of Teton County, Idaho, and Alta, Wyoming qualify. To access this program, directly contact any of the participating providers to confirm your eligibility and schedule an appointment. A list of the 2021 providers can be found here: 2021 MHC Providers Directory.

Address Confidentiality Program ("ACP")

ACP is a program provided through the Idaho Secretary of State where victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, malicious harassment, stalking or human trafficking can obtain legal authorization to use a substitute address in certain public records to maintain the confidentiality of the address of their actual physical residence. Once approved, a participant will be authorized to use a substitute address for things such as a driver’s license, state identification cards, motor vehicle registration, state benefits and services, court records, voter registration records, schools and libraries. Applicants must provide proof of victimization and submit a sworn statement that they fear for their safety and/or the safety of their children. To learn more, visit or call (208) 334-2852.

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotlines

If you think that you may be in an abusive relationship or have been the victim of domestic violence and need assistance, you can call either of these two hotlines at any time:

Idaho 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-669-3176

National 24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233



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