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150 Courthouse Drive - Room 107
Driggs, ID   83422

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The Planning & Zoning Commission has voted to continue the Draft Code discussion to a later date, so a red-lined version of their discussed changes can be created and reviewed. The red-lined version will not be available until after November.

They have reopened written public comment related to the Draft Code, which will be open until the public hearing. Verbal public comment will be accepted at the public hearing. This public hearing will likely be in mid-January, and it will be noticed in the Teton Valley News at that time.

Why is the Code being Updated?
From 2010-2012, Teton County went through an extensive rewrite of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The rewrite presented a clearer understanding of the goals, desired policies, and the character of Teton County after the development boom in the mid-2000s. This new Comprehensive Plan created a need to update the County’s Land Use Codes (Subdivision and Zoning) because Idaho’s Local Land Use Planning Law (§67-65) specifies that county zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and official zoning map must not be “in conflict with the policies of the adopted comprehensive plan” (§67-6511-c).

How does the Draft Code get approved?
The Planning & Zoning Commission has a Draft Code that is ready to be reviewed. To start the approval process, they must hold a public hearing on the Draft Code, get public input, revise as needed, then make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.  The Board of County Commissioners can hold public meetings to review the recommended code and make revisions as needed. After material changes are made, the Board has to hold a public hearing, get public input, make revisions as needed, then approve the code. The Board has to pass a Resolution to officially adopt the code.

List of Recommended Changes as of 10/10

  • List of Recommended Changes
    • NOTE: The Planning Commission has not made a decision on this list. This list was compiled based on the PZC's deliberation during the 10/6 and 10/10 meetings.

Public Comments Received

Land Use Scenario Tool

  • Land Use Scenario Tool document
    • Note: The first page of this document includes instructions. This document does not work in a web browser. It MUST be downloaded and opened in a PDF viewer (Adobe Reader is free and works best).

Teton County Development Code

Teton County Development Code – By Article

Zoning Map

Supporting Documents

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