Solid Waste & Recycling Equipment Operator
Department: Solid Waste & Recycling
Salary Range: DOE- 15.52/Hr to 18.05/Hr
Closing Date: July 01, 2016
Contact: Saul Varela
Phone: (208)354-3442
The principal function of an employee in this class is to operate heavy equipment and screen loads for foreign objects and toxic and hazardous materials according to landfill rules and regulations; assist the public to unload materials; perform general maintenance of the transfer station and landfill; divert sorted materials to the designated areas; prepare accident reports as witnessed; and perform related duties. This is a semiskilled equipment operator and manual labor position that may involve either full-time or part-time work. The work is performed under the supervision of the Solid Waste Foreman or/and the Solid Waste Supervisor. The principal duties of this class are performed in a general outdoor environment, exposing the employee to hazardous working conditions and inclement weather.
Job Description (PDF)


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